Evidence based pain and performance solutions.

Evidence based acupuncture was developed with a deep understanding of neurology and a functional understanding of movement and the musculoskeletal system. The first step to treatment with acupuncture is an assessment of which muscles may be contributing to the condition. Once this is defined, we are able to find the points in which nerves meet those muscles, known as motor points. When an acupuncture needle is used on a motor point, it causes a twitch response and releases tight contracted bands of muscle - like hitting a reset button on the muscle. This results in often immediate pain relief and improved muscle strength.

In addition to traditional dry needling acupuncture, we use soft tissue therapies including cupping and Gua Sha to relieve pain, increase flexibility and mobility, and enhance daily and athletic performance.



Initial Orthopedic:

$120- 60 min.

Follow-up Orthopedic:

$60- 30min.

*treatment packages available for multi-session conditions.