Daxx Vedrin B.S, M.S.O.M, Dipl. Acu, L.Ac, MWodSp

From a very early age I have been involved with martial arts, and athletics. I was first introduced to alternative healing methods during my undergraduate internship. I apprenticed under a traditional naturopathic doctor, who was trained by the famous Dr. Christopher. I learned modern western herbalism, with a focus on body cleansing, and sports recovery.

After receiving my Bachelors in Alternative medicine, I decided to continue my search for traditional healing arts to the island of Oahu. After spending a year surfing the famed North Shore, I was accepted to the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture where I spent the next four years learning traditional Chinese herbalism, and acupuncture techniques. I had the great fortune to be mentored by a few forward thinking practitioners, and developed a love for evidence based electro-acupuncture. I worked with world class athletes, and pain patients before the urge to move toward the mountains took over. For years I trained for both endurance sports, and surfing. I was introduced to bouldering and rock climbing which took over my motivation for fitness. The move to Colorado was a easy one considering all the great climbing, trail running, and overall mountain sports we have access to.

I moved to Denver a year ago with the idea to spread the idea of evidence based traditional techniques, and herbal medicine. I hold advanced continuing education from the following:

  • ARIABC North America- Advanced Prolotherapy, and Injections Level 1 & 2

  • EXSTORE Orthopedic Assessment

  • Electro- Acupuncture Medicine Level 1

  • MWod Movement and Mobility Specialist

  • Master Tung Certification