Q: I’m an athlete, and feel good, how can you help?

Acupuncture can improve performance, strength, flexibility and millisecond reaction time, and uncover hidden weaknesses and imbalances to prevent injury. Weakness in a muscle can be the result of tight, weak or shortened ischemic muscles. With sports acupuncture, we are able to reset and release these muscles, maximizing the muscle's ability to recover and function. The use of performance herbal formulas that I have developed help with recovery time, increase VO2max, and overall oxygen re-uptake, amongst many other affects on a patient to patient basis. I also have a background in training programs for endurance sports, and cycling.

Q: Do you do dry needling?

Depending on condition, yes. I have been dry needling for years, and while I find it great for certain issues, I have developed more sophisticated techniques for many trigger point problems.

Q: Is orthopedic acupuncture painful?

Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, and usually only a small pressure is felt. When using acupuncture for motor points, we will get a small twitch response from the muscle we are targeting. This is a desired effect of releasing tension. If you are apprehensive about needling or acupuncture, I can reduce needle count, and retention time. I also use many other modalities that are needle free, and effect, that we can explore if appropriate for your condition.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

Yes! I am in network with United Healthcare, Cigna, Pinnacol, and American Specialty Health. WE also offer a complimentary coverage check before your appointment. You can also use your HSA and FSA for all treatments including performance herbs, and nutraceuticals.

Q: How many visits will I need?

You will often feel improvement from the very first session. However, because every patient case varies, timelines can be provided following an initial assessment. For more minor, non-chronic injuries or mobility and movement challenges, we can see dramatic improvement within 4-6 sessions. Depending on the condition and a reevaluation after the first treatment plan, we can refer to either injection therapy or more acupuncture as deemed appropriate.

Q: What should I wear?

The best idea is to either wear or bring in a change of clothes much like you’d be exercising. If we’re working on the lower body please wear or bring in shorts to change into. If we’re working on the upper body, please wear of bring in a sports bra. We use full sided sheets to drape patients when needed.

Q: What should I expect after our appointment?

The most important thing is to recover, as hard as you workout, if not more.

We should see improvement in the particular problem area we addressed. Everyone is different, but my goal is to see a 20% change at each visit. I it very common to feel a small about or soreness in the areas treating, closely resembling the muscle soreness that is experienced after a tough workout, or DOMS