“Yes, he’s that good.”

Daxx is amazing! We have four people in our family- me, my husband and our two daughters. He has helped us all in our different stages in life (stress, sports, aches and pains that comes with age). I strongly recommend that you check him out, not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about acupuncture and Chinese herbs (just to name a few) but he’s very caring, wants you to heal, to feel better and he’s a great guy! We won’t see anyone else now that we have found him. Yes, he’s that good!

— B.G.

“Take your small and large issues to Point Zero”

I was faced with an incurable Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage IV and after 7 years of western medicine including 68 courses of chemo and 28 courses of radiation nothing seemed to put my incurable into remission. Daxx started me on a course of supplements including a select Tibetan mushroom derivative and for the last 8 years I have been in remission. My western Dr.'s don't really want to know what worked just keep testing and finding no cancer. I cannot stress enough how beneficial Daxx has been to not only my survival but quality of life as well. Hope you will take your small and large health issues to Point Zero.......and soon!!!

— A.E


“Can’t thank Daxx at Point Zero enough for taking care of me and my team. He has addressed chronic issues with precision and expertise.”

— T.D


“He is a reassuring presence”

It’s always a bit difficult to go see a practitioner who is new to you. Let me say that Daxx makes the whole experience comfortable. He is a reassuring presence and truly listens to you as you tell your story. I am having very excellent results through his guidance and expertise and hope to have full recovery in the near future. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be able to say that!
Thank you Daxx.

— M.G

“Fast Pain Relief”

Better than other acupuncturists and knows how to help.

Daxx has provided pain relief for my chronic neck pain that is caused from several snowboarding accidents. He is doing a more efficient, faster, better job than the many other acupuncturists and massage therapists I have gone to for pain relief. I highly recommend Daxx and his experience and knowledge!

— L.T


“He has been a godsend for me”

Daxx's alternative medicine knowledge is very helpful when a traditional MD, Ortho, and/or Chiropractor is not able to solve pain. Western 'medicine' just doesn't have the right tools to solve pain. Daxx's acupuncture skill is superior to traditional/western acupuncture. I would have lost my mind from pain without him. I encourage consulting with Daxx for all pain, he'll be honest if your issue is out of his scope. He can likely help you. He has been a Godsend for me.

— S.J

“I am back doing all the things I love”

I could never have anticipated that I would feel the way I do today. When nothing else was working to get my health back on track, I was referred to Daxx. He created a plan with herbal and nutraceutical treatments. The results have been amazing. My energy is back and I am back doing all the things I love to do. Thank you, Daxx.

— P.G

“I can honestly say working with Daxx has saved my life”

"I can honestly say working with Daxx has saved my life. After taking 2nd place at the 2015 CrossFit Games, I spent the next three years with phantom pain and fatigue - and weird blood labs. In 2018, all that made sense when I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus, Hashimoto Thyroid and Alopecia Areata. I immediately knew that I didn't want to be put on harsh medications that would calm symptoms, however, make things worse over time. I sought out the help of Daxx pretty much immediately and I can say that my quality of life has been restored. I'm still able to do all the things I enjoy in life, I feel 10x better than before and my bloodwork has been constantly improving since being together. On top of that, my anxiety and stress around my situation has been calming steadily over this course of time. I'm eternally grateful for this experience." - PB